January 2012: QuailCRO celebrates 10 years anniversary
August 2010: The Quail's 40th trial approved by Romanian agencies
June 2010: QuailCRO to present at ILSI Biomed Israel
April 2009: QuailCRO announces the opening of the new office in Timisoara
June 2008: Quail srl participated at 44th DIA Annual Meeting in Boston, US
January 2008: First import/distribution of cosmeceuticals products in Romania
November 2007: Subsidiary AdinaCRO LLC incorporated in Philadelphia, US
June 2007: Quail srl participated at 43rd DIA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, US
September 2006: Management team participated at DIA training sessions in Philadelphia
August 2006: New law of Clinical Trials adapted to the EU Directive was approved by Ministry of Health
August 2006: The Quail's 30th trial approved by Romanian agencies
June 2006: web and mail server on line
June 2006: Quail srl participated at 42nd DIA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA
April 2006: Quail srl successfully passed the inspection from the Romanian National Drug Agency
June 2005: Quail srl participated at 41st DIA Annual Meeting in Washington,D.C., US