QuailCRO-The Company


Contract Research Organization performing clinical trials in Drugs and Medical Devices in European Union, CEE and Israel.
Established at the end of 2001 by two MDs, QuailCRO is involved in phase I-III clinical trials in various specialties,with gastroenterology, cardiology, urology and medical devices as primary areas.
We have the team of professionals that plans, conducts and completes large scale clinical trials, quickly and cost-effective.
The company successfully received 48 study approvals,from which 18 are Phase II and 22 Phase III.
Our company is also offering regulatory services for MA holders related to MAA and products registration in European Union.
Acting as the official representative of the sponsors towards the European Independent agencies, Ethics Committees and EMEA, QuailCRO ensures the required legal interfaces.

We provide regulatory advice and assistance along with operational quality assurance.

Based on our involvement, background and experience, QuailCRO helps speeding up the deployment of new products, by fast setup and quick patient enrolment.