QuailCRO offers you

A 10 years expertise, which is highly appreciated and is considered the best alternative to subsidiaries of full-services international CROs.


The specific population of patients needed in difficult clinical trials.
QuailCRO company's position on the first 10 Romanian companies, submitting Phase I to Phase III studies, with 48 trials submitted and approved in the last 9 years.
Drug and Medical Devices clinical trials in dentistry, orthopaedy, cardiosurgery, internal medicine/metabolic diseases.
Reliable high-quality services, including drug development planning, strategic assessment, submission, dossier planning, executing and maintenance.
Our partners appreciation for our success in achieving the timelines assumed.
Professionalism, control and close cooperation between multiple experts.

A team which is building strong relationship with regulatory bodies, hospital managers, medical opinion leaders and individuals involved in performance of clinical trials in EU.