QuailCRO's People

We, at QuailCRO company we're here to help you improve your study status and overall patient recruitment process.


 Dr. Adina Gavrila, M.D. is co-founder and CEO of QuailCRO. Dr. Gavrila has extensive firsthand knowledge of health care, family physician, clinic administrator and researcher. Prior to co-founding QuailCRO, Dr. Gavrila held roles of increasing responsibility in clinical research and medical affairs for several pharmaceutical companies and CROs. In 1999 she received her BA in management from Open University Business School, UK. She was a Medical Research Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Medicine and Pharmacy-Public Health Institute where she was involved in the study of vascular and metabolic diseases. Dr. Adina Gavrila received his M.D. from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara.

Dr. Nicolae Gavrila, M.D. is one of our founders and has served as our President since 2002. Before founding QuailCRO, Dr.Gavrila spent several years with Walmark and Parke Davis Jouveinal where he was responsible for day-to-day operations management of the products including forecasting, reporting, budget management and product/sample supply.
He is licensed as a Qualified person for Pharmacovigilance since 2007. In 2000 he received his Professional Certificate in management from Open University Business School,UK. Dr. Nicolae Gavrila earned his M.D. from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara.

The staff involves only medical doctors with 10 to 18 years of experience in clinical research and pharmaceutical field. All are trained professionals in the field of project management and international business, thus allowing a proactive customer approach for each clinical study.
The entry level CRAs are internally and periodically trained by our or by external trainers.
All sponsor contacts are on a person to person basis offering a minimal reaction time 24/7.
Equipped with a solid medical training and a management background, QuailCRO's leaders provide attention to all project's details and focus on projects' needs and timelines.
The management team is actively participating at DIA Annual meetings and international workshops.
As medical professionals, the team has the capability to offer 24/7 investigator support on medical and pharmacovigilance related issues.

QuailCRO directors are registered as qualified persons for Pharmacovigilance in EU, prepared for electronic submission of ICSRs.